Windows 10 is the pquartetpress.comultimate operating system from Microsoft, which brings back many features lost in previous editions và introduces long-awaited functionalities that have already available on competitor software for a while now.One of its main novelties is the return of the Start mquartetpress.comu khổng lồ the traditional desktop after its disappearance in Windows 8. From it you can access most of your installed programs as well as the 'Live Tiles' on the Metro desktop, the latter being another major improvemquartetpress.comt lớn the operating system: Windows Store applications will finally be combined with the traditional ones, so you can use both of them in windows.Another much-anticipated addition is that it's finally possible to lớn work simultaneously in multiple virtual desktops. 'Task Switch' has improved usability considerably by allowing you khổng lồ change one window and another, so it's now much more fluid lớn use lots of software simultaneously.All these features have combined into a single edition of Windows that covers all the platforms it possibly can. That is, the same edition of Windows 10 can run on both desktops & ultra-compact devices.

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You are required khổng lồ register for the Windows Technical Preview program to lớn receive the hàng hóa key associated with this particular download.

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