This post includes a brief plot summary, an explanation about the ending of the film Into lớn the Forest of Fireflies’ Light / Hotarubi no Mori e (2011) & a relationship analysis between Gin & Hotaru. Beware of spoilers.

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Directed by Takahiro Ômori, the 2011 Japanese anime is based on a 2002 shōjo manga of the same name written by Yuki Midorikawa. Today’s post is solely based on the film, not the novel.

Inkhổng lồ the Forest of Fireflies’ Light (2011) – Plot Summary

A young woman by the name of Hotaru is heading towards her uncle’s house in the countryside. While waiting for the bus, Hotaru recalls the moment she met Gin.

When Hotaru was six, she disobeyed her uncle’s orders and wandered inside a forest believed to be inhabited by spirits. After a while, Hotaru couldn’t find an exit any more. Scared, the little girl started crying for help. Then, suddenly, a young man by the name of Gin comes lớn her rescue.

Gin is not human và warns the little girl not lớn touch hyên, otherwise, he’ll disappear. At first, Hotaru couldn’t really grasp why she couldn’t touch Gin. That sparked her curiosity và she kept trying to touch the young man. Out of options, Gin hits Hotaru with a thiông xã branch whenever the child tried khổng lồ come too close to lớn hlặng. After a couple of hits in the head, Hotaru finally gets that she should always keep a certain distance from Gin.

After Gin escorts Hotaru out of the forest, the little girl expresses her desire of seeing hlặng again. The day after, Hotaru shows up again and goes for another walk in the forest with Gin. The two keep seeing each other the following days.

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The summer holidays are almost over và Hotaru informs Gin that she needs to leave sầu the countryside and return to lớn the city. The young man suggests Hotaru to lớn come baông chồng next summer. The girl manages to keep her promise and her relationship with Gin strengthens over the years.

As Hotaru grows older, she becomes aware that her relationship with Gin has its own limitations. During one of their meetings, Hotaru confesses khổng lồ Gin her desire to find a job in the countryside after graduating high school, so they can see each other more often. Meanwhile, Gin lets Hotaru know a little bit more about himself. When he was baby, Gin’s parents left hlặng in the forest. The mountain god found Gin & cast a spell on hyên so he could live longer. However, Gin’s apparent immortality came with a catch: he cannot ever touch a human và vice-versa.

Gin invites Hotaru to lớn a festival held by the spirits. Hotaru makes a light joke about their evening being a date và Gin confirms that it’s indeed a date. Towards the kết thúc of their night, Gin confesses his feelings to lớn Hotaru. Then, the young man places his mask on Hotaru’s face & kisses her. As they continue walking, a boy behind them stumbles & Gin grabs hyên ổn by his arm. However, it was a human child & shortly after, Gin begins khổng lồ disappear. Before vanishing, Gin asks Hotaru lớn hug hlặng.

The spirits of the forest appear và thank Hotaru for giving Gin what he wanted: to lớn touch a human. Despite of what happened, Hotaru eventually gets over the pain & continues to lớn visit her uncle in the countryside during summer.

Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light (2011) – Ending Explained

So in the kết thúc Gin’s dies because he touched a human child. Now, was it an accident or did Gin vị it on purpose?

Those who have watched the film must be wondering: how could Gin make such a stupid mistake? However, did he though? As the story unravels, Gin reveals that he was once a human. Assuming that Gin never left the forest, Hotaru is probably the first human that he has ever met.

Gin wasn’t in love sầu with Hotaru when they first met, that would be weird considering their age gap. However, as the years passed by, things began lớn change. Hotaru’s real age grew closer to lớn Gin’s apparent age và the two started developing romantic feelings for each other.

Baông xã khổng lồ that tragic ending, was Gin’s death an accident? Probably not. There’s evidence throughout the film that Gin’s feelings for Hotaru have sầu intensified over the years. In other words, Gin was as much in love with Hotaru as she was for hyên ổn. The love was mutual. But why did Gin decide khổng lồ risk it all?


Gin could probably live sầu for a very long time in the forest as long as he doesn’t touch another human. However, the love that Gin feels for Hotaru made hyên change his views about his own existence. What’s the point of living if he can’t be with the one he loves? In addition, Gin also felt that he was holding Hotaru baông xã from living her life to lớn the fullest.

When Hotaru announced her plans of moving lớn the countryside after high school, Gin wasn’t ecstatic about it. Why? Gin knew that she was doing it just because of hyên ổn, that’s why he told Hotaru that it would be okay if she decides to forget him. Gin didn’t say those words because he doesn’t care for her, it was actually quite the opposite: he didn’t want Hotaru to lớn compromise her future because of hlặng.

There is evidence towards the kết thúc of the film hinting that Gin had plans to lớn die. First, he takes Hotaru to lớn the spirits’ festival, which was his way of having one last sweet moment with her. Second, Gin admits that he can no longer wait another summer lớn see Hotaru. The thought of not being with the one he loves is starting lớn become unbearable for him. Third, Gin grabbing that random child’s arm was not an accident. He didn’t make that mistake with Hotaru for years, why would he risk it all now for a random child?

Gin knew that Hotaru wouldn’t hug hlặng, if he just asked her lớn vị so. In addition, even if Gin wanted to hug Hotaru, she would probably deny hyên too. The girl knows that Gin will vanish, the second they touch each other. Having said that, Gin’s only way khổng lồ be able to lớn hold Hotaru in his arms was to lớn find an “excuse” to lớn vanish, so Hotaru won’t feel guilty for hugging him. Having said that, Gin didn’t make a silly mistake.

Another sad angle lớn Gin’s planned death was his intention of freeing Hotaru from him. Although they were both in love with each other, their romance had its own limitations và one buổi tiệc ngọt had more things to đại bại than the other. That person would be Hotaru because she is human, in other words, mortal. At one point, Hotaru herself realizes that soon she’ll be older than Gin’s apparent age. Of course, Gin knows this too. Despite of being truly in love with Hotaru and wanting to lớn be as cthua trận lớn her as he could, Gin also wanted Hotaru khổng lồ have her own life.

Gin And Hotaru – Relationship Analysis

Was Gin and Hotaru’s relationship doomed from the start? Pretty much. Even if they’ve remained just friends, they would have to eventually part ways.

What made Gin fall in love sầu with Hotaru & vice-versa? When they first met, both were curious about each other. Hotaru has never seen a spirit up until that moment and Gin has never met another human before.

The xinh đẹp friendship changed over the years & Gin started to lớn see Hotaru in a different way: she was no longer a child in his eyes. And how did Hotaru’s feelings changed over the years? It’s evident that Hotaru has been crushing on Gin for a while, but he never took it seriously because she was too young baông chồng then.

When Hotaru told Gin that she wanted to stay in the countryside that was basically a love sầu confession. Although, Gin didn’t say much at the time, he was already in love with her at that point. Therefore, when Gin took Hotaru khổng lồ the spirits’ festival và told her that he would protect her no matter what happens, that was Gin’s way of showing that Hotaru matters khổng lồ hyên.

Over the years, Gin overcame his fear of “vanishing” if that meant being able to lớn receive a hug from his love sầu — Hotaru. As a matter of fact, when Gin invited Hotaru to the festival, she joked about wanting to lớn “glomp” him. When Hotaru made that phản hồi, Gin smiled & encouraged her lớn vị it. Why would Gin suggest something so “reckless”?

Gin was once a human too, just like Hotaru. Despite of being a spirit (currently), Gin’s human side is still “active”. Having said that, the young man wants what others of his kind long for, which can be as simple as touching or hugging someone. When the mountain god cast that spell on Gin so he could live sầu longer, he also cursed hlặng. It was actually a very cruel gift. On the bright side, Gin ages slower than humans, which means, he can stay young for a very long time.

When Gin met Hotaru, his priority was to lớn make sure that she didn’t touch him. However, during their last date, Gin made sure to lớn get a hug from Hotaru before he left. The young man’s dilemma was very simple: keep living or hug Hotaru. Gin chose the latter. Did he choose well? At this point, Gin’s love for Hotaru made hlặng rethink about the way he’s been living his own life. In the end, Gin figured out that he would rather hug the one he truly loves even if it’s just for a very brief second, than to continue wandering alone in the forest for an eternity.

Final Thoughts

“Hotakim cương no Mori e / Into lớn the Forest of Fireflies’ Light” has one most of the beautiful stories that I’ve ever seen. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this short anime film lớn hit me as hard as it did. If you didn’t grab some tissues after the leads hugged each other, then you don’t have a heart.

At first, that final scene didn’t make any sense. However, there’s more khổng lồ it if one decides khổng lồ take a closer look. That ending could be totally open for interpretation. Some might say that Gin made a silly mistake. Others might believe sầu that Gin loved Hotaru so much, that he didn’t mind lớn vanish in exchange for a warm hug from her.

So what is “Inlớn the Forest of Fireflies’ Light” about? Love và mortality. When Gin met Hotaru, he only had one priority: to stay alive. In a way, Gin is just as mortal as Hotaru. A simple thing such as human touch could make the young man disappear. That’s why Gin refused to let Hotaru touch him in the beginning. However, as their relationship developed, Gin began khổng lồ realize that not dying is not the same as being alive. Gin’s love for Hotaru made him reflect upon his own existence. As time went by, it became unbearable for Gin the idea of not having Hotaru next to hyên. Taking Hotaru khổng lồ the spirits’ festival was actually Gin’s first và last thắm thiết date.

Overall, “Inlớn the Forest of Fireflies’ Light” is a beautiful film. Don’t be fooled by its short duration. The film will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions, especially with that sad ending. What makes Gin và Hotaru’s story so special? It’s the idea of loving someone unattainable. In this case, we’re not talking about unrequited love because both leads love sầu each other. Gin và Hotaru could not be together despite of being love with each other và that’s truly tragic. Hands down, “Inkhổng lồ the Forest of Fireflies’ Light” has one the most pure và touching love sầu stories that I’ve seen in a very long time.