This 2015 Korean rom com is very pleasant on the eyes. The leads — Bang Sung-Hoon (who was so good in “Oh My Venus“) and Kim Jae-Kyung — both have model good looks and share some really fun scenes. Though you know going in that the poor-nice-girl-meets-rich-cold-boy storyline will over with a wedding, I was happy lớn be on board.

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But, the main problem I had with this short series was the insufferable control issues that were played off as cute, rather than creepy. More on that later.

Kang-Hoon is the CEO of a huge conglomeration. He escapes from a trio of incompetent criminals who have kidnapped và stabbed him. Rural veterinarian Yoon-Seo stumbles upon him & stitches him back up. When he asks how he can repay her, she bills him exactly for her services (roughly $700).

Instead of being pleased that he got away so easily, he tells her that the value of his life is worth much, much more. He insists on giving her a more modern clinic in a chic neighborhood on Seoul, even though she doesn’t want it.

Coming from a family of poor farmers, it took her 8 years working part-time jobs to lớn finish her college degree. On đứng đầu of her university loans, she has a heavy mortgage on her vet clinic in a rural part of Korea. But, she accomplished that all by herself.

When she tells him no, he buys her current building in order khổng lồ force her out và get his way.

Dude, WTF?

This man has control issues and doesn’t like getting, “No,” for an answer.


Unable khổng lồ afford another vet clinic in her current city, Yoon-Seo finally relents. But because she has always paid her own way through life, she accepts Kang-Hoon’s offer on the condition that they will be partners, & she will repay him — with interest — for his nội dung of the building purchase.

Because he is in his early 30’s and of marriageable age, Kang-Hoon is being pressured by his mother to marry. Khổng lồ get her lớn stop nagging, he hatches up a plan to pretend that Yoon-Seo is his girlfriend. He convinces her khổng lồ sign a 3-month contract where he is the “dominant” and she is the “submissive” who must vì chưng everything he asks…though none of that will be of a sexual nature.

OK, even with sex off the table… ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Yoon-Seo is a grown woman of 30. Just because she’s poor is no reason lớn treat her like an appliance that needs a service agreement.

I’m not sure whether the writers were trying to capitalize on the popularity of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, but Kang-Hoon’s use of the dominant/submissive terms just are all kinds of wrong. There are plenty of people who live sham marriages for whatever reasons (hiding their true sexual orientation; immigration fraud etc.). It would’ve been easy enough for them to lớn pretend they were a couple without even living together in the same house.

Speaking of which, our heroine is homeless now và sleeping at her clinic. The léman luxury in Seoul are much more expensive than where she previously lived & she can’t afford to lớn get a place. When she finally finds a cheap studio, Kang-Hoon buys it và refuses to lớn lease it khổng lồ her. Why? Because he wants her khổng lồ move in with him. Why? Because he’s actually falling for her và has heard that if you live with a woman & see them in their daily habitat doing everyday things (burping, using the restroom, waking up without makeup), you’ll thua that attraction.

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Again. WTF?

If this series was recast with a male lead who wasn’t so handsome, I think the reaction lớn his actions would be quite different.

Meanwhile, a clique of Mean Girls aims khổng lồ make Yoon-Seo’s life miserable. One of the only true things in her life seems to be the friendship of an old college flame, who seems so sweet & tries to lớn woo her. But Kang-Hoon won’t have it & goes all territorial every time he spots the two together.

I know that we’re supposed to be rooting for Kang-Hoon, but hell to the no. This other guy seems so genuinely kind. More importantly, he’s not a domineering creeper stalker.

Of course, this couple does fall in love with each other.

The best line in the entire series is when Yoon-Seo’s younger brother asks, “By the way, wouldn’t his family disapprove of this, lượt thích in all the dramas?”

Yes, they would! Which is why everyone is worried about how Kang-Hoon’s mother will react. The only one who’s not intimidated by the mom is Yoon-Seo’s droll cat, who clearly has no Effs khổng lồ give.


Indeed, the mom doesn’t approve & tells Yoon-Seo that if she really loves her son, she will sign a prenuptial agreement. Yoon-Seo refuses.

This refusal didn’t ring true to me. First of all, in the real world, multimillionaires of any gender are going to want khổng lồ protect their assets. Also, Yoon-Seo is the one who refused to lớn let Kang-Hoon give her a vet clinic outright. She’s the type of woman who, if divorced, would just leave with what she came.

Though, that said, the prenup also stated that if she produced a child, she would leave the child with him in the sự kiện of a divorce. While I believe that prenups are a good idea for most marriages — considering that more than half will end in divorce — there is no way I’d give up my rights to lớn my child.Unfinished business:

I’d lượt thích to know what happened khổng lồ the three goons who kidnapped Kang-Hoon. I realize that he didn’t want to publicize that he had been vulnerable. But, what would prevent them from trying it again? and why wouldn’t a man that rich & powerful want to track them down & get retribution?

I also wish the writers would’ve tied up loose ends a bit better. Instead of just sending her college beau off khổng lồ England lớn study abroad (to get him out of the picture), I’d lượt thích to have seen a more uplifting storyline for him. Perhaps he could over up with someone who was capable of loving him back…or dating Miss Korea…or finding success in London…or…

Also, I found the couple’s younger brothers — particularly Yoon-Seo’s — to lớn be very interesting and would’ve liked to have seen more storylines focusing on them. Both were much lazier than their elder siblings. But, they were street smart và had common sense, something that the leads lacked.

The K-Drama arm grab:

What is with all the men in these dramas aggressively grabbing the women’s arms và yanking them into a hug. It’s supposed lớn be romantic, right? I find it overbearing. Is there any series where the woman is so irritated at being tugged at like a rag doll that she gives her partner a good swift kick to the gut? This is a real question, because I’d really enjoy seeing that.


This Naver TV Cast web drama aired from July 23 khổng lồ September 16, 2015. Each of the đôi mươi episodes ran for 15 minutes.