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Imaginative boy Ben transforms his city by bringing colorful street art lớn life, armed with a magic paintbrush — và the classic sounds of Motown.

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While touring the museum with Mr. Love, Ben & his friends accidentally bring a T. rex baông chồng to life for the first time in 60 million years!


Ben questions his creative mind — và whether the world through the portal is real — when he's told he spends too much time daydreaming.

After Harmony the mèo runs off, a superstitious Ben & Jimmy Mack must face their fears to get her back.

When the Loves bring home page a chicken that can't lay eggs, Ben takes the bird to lớn meet his magical friends & discovers she's got a hidden talent.

Dancing Machine helps the gang get ready for a big hockey game against the Jives. But can they win against the best team in Motown?

Ben wants khổng lồ spkết thúc chất lượng time with his mom for the first-ever Mom & Son Day. But she's so distracted, it's easier said than done.

While using one of Uncle Rod's inventions khổng lồ practice for a three-legged race, Ben & Ella get tied together ... permanently!

Ben's dad has the day off, & he's got a long list of things he wants lớn do with his son. But Ben wants to finish his painting. Can they compromise?

When he's too scared khổng lồ go trick-or-treating at a spooky house, Ben recruits Jimmy Maông xã, Dancing Machine and Skywriter to lớn help him be brave.

With Valentine's Day coming, love is in the air — & artistic Ben gets tapped to make heart-shaped cards for everyone in his class.

Ben tells Ella the story of how he first met his pet cat, Harmony, a lost kitty who didn't have a place to lớn Hotline trang chính.

When Angie's dog, Boogie, won't behave for Ben, he takes hyên through the portal, where they learn to speak the same language.

Ben and Mickey should be working as a team lớn win their class's quiz-show competition. But Ben's doing all the work — & Mickey's sick of it!

The Loves take too much time lớn get ready! Can Ben's magical friends help hlặng get his family lớn Motown's annual fireworks show on time?

When Mickey gets stressed out about an important basketball tryout, Ben & Angie use the paintbrush to help him have fun và relax.

Ben goes undercover when Stephanie và her mom open up a rival bakery that's exactly lượt thích the Loves' — down to lớn the recipes!

Ben & his friends try khổng lồ build a clubhouse — but things don't go as planned. Can Skywriter, Jimmy Maông xã and Dancing Machine help get the job done?

Angie's upset when she finds out she'll be away for Christmas, so Ben and Mickey plan a special surprise to cheer her up.

When the Loves go overboard with upgrades to impress the Jones family, Ben reminds them that their life is already great.

Bernadette is determined lớn win the annual Motown Ice Cream Fair with an elaborate cake — but she's got khổng lồ get it there before it melts!

Bill's boss is coming for dinner, but the house is a mess! Can Dancing Machine help Ben get everything cleaned up in time?

Ben loses his confidence as an artist -- then loses his touch with the Master Piece! But he's the only one who knows how to lớn get his groove sầu bachồng.

When Ella sells Ben's beloved Motown Man toy at a yard sale, Ben asks his magical friends to help hyên ổn find it again.

Ben is embarrassed about bringing his teddy bear to camp, so he tries lớn find hyên a new trang chủ where he'll be happy.

Ben must conquer his fear of heights lớn save Skywriter when her wings get tangled and she's caught between two tall buildings.

Determined to win a museum art competition but faced with a creative bloông xã, Ben goes through the portal lớn get inspired.

Imaginative boy Ben transforms his thành phố by bringing colorful street art to life, armed with a magic paintbrush — và the classic sounds of Motown.

On a mission lớn find his special talent for a school project, young Ben finds a magical paintbrush and opens the door to lớn another world.

Ella gets her hands on Ben's brush & awakens a walking, talking robot who loves to dance. But his funky moves are making a mess!

Grandpa's been missing the old days, so Ben takes him lớn the junkyard khổng lồ cheer hyên ổn up & brings a colorful classic car back to life.

Angie wishes her parents were still together. But a magical adventure with a talking skateboard helps her see that her family's full of love sầu.

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A new student ignites a hot new dance craze, but Ben's struggling to lớn learn all the steps. Can Dancing Machine help hyên master the moves?

Poor Ben is tired of sharing his birthday with Motown Day, so he uses his brush to lớn go khổng lồ a place where no one's ever heard of it.

Ben and his friends rally the neighborhood lớn save sầu Dancing Machine's trang chính when they find out it's going lớn be torn down.

After Ella breaks inkhổng lồ her parents' piggy ngân hàng & buys a new toy, she & Ben try khổng lồ earn the money bachồng before anyone notices.

Ben, Angie và Mickey get invited lớn the ultimate party! But first, they're jamming with the Loves — with a little help from Dancing Machine.

Miss Hernandez asks the class khổng lồ make a pie that's healthy & tasty. Ben's mom delivers on the tasty, but Ben's version is sickeningly sweet!

Ben lands the lead in the school play but worries he has way too many lines. Can Skywriter help hyên ổn conquer his stage fright?

Ben & Angie can't agree on the details of how they first met, so they visit the River of Memories to see for themselves.

Ben and his friends head lớn the pool on a hot summer day, where Ben is afraid of the deep end — và a sea Boss is afraid of the shallow end!

Ben declares war on his little sister when they're forced lớn mô tả a bedroom after their science-loving uncle comes to stay.

Fun-loving Mickey is the life of the tiệc nhỏ. But he's got khổng lồ get his grades up at school — or he won't be playing any more basketball.

When Ella takes Jimmy Maông chồng on a joyride, Ben and his friends work together khổng lồ trachồng her down all over Motown.

Detective Dancing Machine is on the case when Ben's "Best Cake Ever" goes missing right before the big school bake-off.

Determined lớn win the "Fun Run" & make his mom proud, Ben takes a detour through the portal. But he doesn't like the way cheating feels.

Ben brings Skywriter to lớn Motown to help Grandma Ruby rethành viên the lyrics khổng lồ an old tuy vậy she hasn't sung in years.

Ella runs away from trang chủ & heads through the portal — then loses her favorite doll, Bonnie, on the other side.

The Motown Mini Moto lớn Derby is supposed to be a race for kids. So why are Ben and Mickey's dads trying so hard lớn win?

When Mickey starts disappearing after school, Ben và Angie worry he doesn't want to lớn be their frikết thúc. Will spying on hlặng help, or make things worse?

Ben needs a Christmas gift for Grandma Ruby, so he sets out khổng lồ find a magical ornament that she lost when she was a little girl.

After getting injured at the extreme skateboarding park, Angie's determined lớn prove sầu to her parents that she's ready to lớn go back.

Angie wants a puppy more than anything, but her mom doesn't think she's responsible enough. Can a little magic help change her mind?

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