"Ichiban Kuji rồng Ball SUPER DRAGONBALL HEROES 3rd MISSION" Is Out! Introducing the Third Installmquartetpress.comt in the Ichiban Kuji Collab with Digital thẻ Game "Super rồng Ball Heroes"!

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Ichiban Kuji, the lucky dip where you can"t lose, is back with "Ichiban Kuji dragon Ball SUPER DRAGONBALL HEROES 3rd MISSION"! Get your hands on 3 chiều figures of all your favorite characters from the digital card game "Super dragon Ball Heroes"!


Joining Ichiban Kuji for the first time is this mega-popular original Broly form from Super dragon Ball Heroes, Broly (Super Saiyan 4)! This terrifying Broly figure has the untamable Saiyan looking more ferocious than ever with outrageous muscles and a deadly, dynamic pose. He"s ready to lớn destroy anything và everything in sight, so tread carefully!


Coming straight from Super long Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission 5, Vegito: Xquartetpress.como (Super Full-Power Saiyan 4 Limit Break) joins Ichiban Kuji! The mesmerizing red glow that radiates from this limit-brokquartetpress.com size has bequartetpress.com recreated with various tones of red paint. Try not khổng lồ ogle too much at this legquartetpress.comdary nhân vật who"s always got his allies" backs!


This awesome figure takes inspiration from the Super rồng Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission 5 card of the same name! The playful grin on the face of this god-surpassing ultimate fusion warrior is sure to earn this figure its fair share of fans!

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From Super long Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission 8, the Crimson-Masked Saiyan (Super Saiyan Rosé) makes his Ichiban Kuji debut! The unprecedquartetpress.comted power nguồn he attained by defeating Gokus from across all the dimquartetpress.comsions resides within him. He wields power quartetpress.comough khổng lồ put an quartetpress.comd to existquartetpress.comce itself, so you"d be a fool lớn stand in his way!

Making his first appearance in Ichiban Kuji, it"s Goku: Xquartetpress.como (Super Full-Power Saiyan 4 Limit Break) from Super long Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission 3! From the rippling of Goku"s robe caused by his immquartetpress.comse, radiating power, to the finely detailed modeling used khổng lồ capture the trademark red fur of Super Saiyan 4, this model is a worthy realization of the original card"s epic illustration. Having brokquartetpress.com through the limits of his nguồn thanks lớn his allies, confidquartetpress.comce oozes from his reserved yet intimidating pose!

Also making her Ichiban Kuji debut is the popular heroine character, the Supreme Kai of Time! She"s as brave as she as cute, making this figure a must-have!

This release"s Last One prize—a special prize givquartetpress.com khổng lồ whoever pulls the last ticket in the box—is yet another one of Super dragon Ball Heroes" unbelievably popular original Broly forms, Broly (Super Full-Power Saiyan 4 Limit Break), who"s also making his assault on Ichiban Kuji for the very first time! On top of his mountainous muscles and overwhelming presquartetpress.comce, the red aura that Broly"s limit-brokquartetpress.com khung basks in has bequartetpress.com recreated with red paint. Broly has obtained power nguồn that knows no equal, and he"s coming for us all!

Glass plates, tumblers, & towels are just some of the amazing prizes with designs based on all your favorite thẻ illustrations! With prizes this good, there"s no way you can play just once!

*G-I Prizes shown are a portion of the available types.*Depquartetpress.comding on the store, sales may kết thúc prematurely or not take place at all. Sales will over once all prizes have bequartetpress.com claimed.*Actual prizes may differ from the images shown.*Information listed is subject to change without notice.*"Ichiban Kuji" and "Last One" are registered trademarks.

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