Enjoy The Funny And Romantic Scenes Between Song Joong-ki And Park Bo-young In Werewolf Boy

Park Bo-young has a knaông xã for thắm thiết movies & dramas. Her xinh tươi face, soft voice, excellent acting talent, và youthful và innocent look make her movies box-office favorites. On the other hand, Song Joong-ki was an actor with modest popularity when he co-starred in Werewolf Boy. Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young’s sweet romance in the successful movie led to lớn huge success for both of them. Werewolf Boy became Song Joong-ki’s iconic character.

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Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young had excellent chemistry on the mix of Werewolf Boy. Both of them performed their character extremely well. One of the funniest scenes was when Park Bo-young was training Song Joong-ki to behave well và hold back his animal instincts. Other than funny scenes, this movie also delivered lots of sad & melancholic scenes.

In this article, quartetpress.com will show & talk about the thắm thiết scenes between Song Joong-ki và Park Bo-young in Werewolf Boy. So stay tuned!

Song Joong-ki và Park Bo-young Sweet Teenage Romance Fantasy in Werewolf Boy


Werewolf Boy is a movie from 2012 that became the most successful romantic-mellow movie of all time. Lee Joong-ki & Park Bo-young starred in the movie. It was predicted lớn be a huge box office movie from the day of its premiere. It sold 341,475 tickets on the premiere day, và sold a total of more than 7 million tickets overall.

Kyên Sun-yi, a senior Korean immigrant in the United States received an inquiry about the possibility of selling her family house in the rural area of South Korea. She returned lớn Korea & brought along her granddaughter, Eun-joo, khổng lồ check on her house in the country.

Flashbaông chồng to lớn her teenage years, young Sun-yi (performed by Park Bo-young) moved from Seoul to a house in countryside lớn care for her deteriorating health. Her mother, her younger sister, and she lived in a secluded area with no neighbors.

One day, she found an unknown werewolf-boy (performed by Song Joong-ki) & her mother brought him home page, thinking that the boy was probably among the orphan children of war. Sun-yi’s mother called hyên Chul-soo. Though, initially, he behaves like an animal, Sun-yi tamed hlặng & taught him table manners. Soon, they became good friends & fell in love with each other.

Their landlord, Ji-tae (performed by Yoo Yeon-seok), had feelings for Sun-yi and constantly approached her. Cheol-su got inkhổng lồ a fight with Ji-tae, causing the villagers lớn hunt for hlặng. To avoid further problems, Sun-yi decided to lớn leave hyên ổn. She left a note saying that she would return for him in the future.

Being a feral boy without any social interaction, Chul-su grew up with his animal instinct. He ate any food ferociously upon seeing it. During their first dinner together as a family, Chul-su made a huge mess on the dinner table. He ate aggressively, without any table manners. Due to his animal instinct during dinner, Sun-yi lost her appetite & went to lớn her room.

Sun-yi realized that she had khổng lồ teach hlặng to lớn behave in front of food, và only eat when she told hyên lớn eat. She trained hlặng hard, & he even bit her. After a strict training, she was able to lớn restrain his appetite and control his attitude. Sun-yi stroked Chul-su’s head as a reward for listening khổng lồ her instructions.

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It was dinnertime và it was the right time to lớn apply her training at the table. Her family was surprised when Chul-su listened lớn every instruction. They were in awe & at loss of words when seeing Chul-su eating slowly & calmly. From that moment on, Chul-su became a true family thành viên.

Sun-yi was teaching Chul-su when he got distracted by a guitar in a corner of their house. Since he paid no attention to her lesson, Sun-yi picked up the guitar & sat in front of Chul-su. She said that it has been a long time since the last time she played guitar. She played the guitar and quý phái a beautiful song while Chul-su sat in awe in front of her. As soon as Sun-yi finished her tuy nhiên, Chul-su approached & stroked her head gently, as if he were complimenting her performance. It was a very lãng mạn moment for both of them. Perhaps, it was the moment when they started to lớn develop thắm thiết feeling to each other.

When her mother went lớn the market và her brother và sister went lớn school, Sun-yi decided to play with Chul-su. She dressed him in traditional Korean dress, hanbok. As if it wasn’t enough, she also put makeup on his face. She also made beard and moustabít on her own face. It is as if Chul-su was a woman and Sun-yi was a man. Suddenly, her mother returned and went straight lớn the bathroom. Not so long after, her younger brother and sister returned from school along with their neighbor. In an instant, their house was filled many people.

Feeling embarrassed because she put makeup on hlặng & dressed hyên ổn in a Hanbok, Sun-yi and Chul-su hid behind her mother’s clothes. Her younger sister noticed Chul-su when they were eating steamed sweet potatoes and approached hyên. Because the rest of the family noticed them, Sun-yi quickly headed to lớn her room and made a silly excuse that she wasn’t feeling well. The entire family was shocked upon seeing their funny faces &, especially, Chul-su’s clothes.

On the night after returning to her old house, old Kim Sun-yi had dinner with her granddaughter, Eun Joo. Suddenly, she recognized a glimpse of a familiar shape passing by at the side entrance. She carefully went that direction và headed lớn the room where Chul-su used lớn sleep. She found Chul-su sitting on his bed and waiting for her. His face hadn’t changed at all, và he stayed young. Later, Chul-su handed her the handwritten letter that she left for hyên ổn. He had been waiting for her all this time. Sun-yi wept & slowly approached hlặng. They hugged each other & broke down in tears. She apologized for leaving hyên ổn behind và forgettingt about hyên ổn.

Song Joong-ki và Park Bo-young’s Off-screen Moments

During an interview, Park Bo-young teased Song Joong-ki by saying that his character was dirty và smelled awful. Later, she said that though his character was dirty, he smelled really nice when he was hugging her. Song Joong-ki smiled và replied “That’s because I applied much lotion lớn my body”.

When the reporter asked Song Joong-ki about Park Bo-young, to lớn everyone’s surprise, even khổng lồ Park Bo-young’s, he replied “Park Bo-young is very sexy. That is the reason that I always stvà cthua thảm to her”. Hearing his answer, Park Bo-young smiled and answered that it was the first time an actor praised her as being sexy.

However, when the reporter asked about man & woman attraction, both of them answered that there was a time when they were each attracted lớn each other. On the topic of their igiảm giá types, Park Bo-young said that Yeo Jin-goo is her ideal type. Her answer made Song Joong-ki jokingly leave sầu the interview scene. Song Joong-ki acted as if he was devastated by Park Bo-young’s confession. She calmed hyên ổn down and explained that before meeting Song Joong-ki, Yeo Jin-goo was her igiảm giá man. She wasn’t cthất bại with Song Joong-ki, therefore she answered that her favorite male was Yeo Jin-goo.

That was all the information about Song Joong-ki và Park Bo-young’s sweet romance in Werewolf Boy. Don’t forget to lớn nội dung your opinion about your favorite scene from the movie in the bình luận section below!