quartetpress.com enters the mid-budget phone segment with quartetpress.com Galaxy Grand (GT-9082) that is high on features & big on display. Lets find out the features which makes it owner"s delight :


Few Important Features :

● Smart Dual SIM feature that allows you lớn use 2 SIM cards at a time.

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● 2100 MAh battery to tư vấn more usage.

● 12.7 centimet large screen: GALAXY Grand is outfitted with a deluxe large display to lớn meet your needs. Everything from larger font form size to immersive viewing, brilliant visuals are guaranteed. Enjoy exclusive viewing experience while on the go.

● The device runs on Dual bộ vi xử lý core processor clocking 1.2 GHz và 1GB RAM.

NOTE: The device comes with a 1 GB of RAM, but when checked through Task Manager in the device, it would showcase approx 800 MB only.

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● The Display has Capacitive Touchscreen and a resolution of 480 x 800 Pixels with 187 ppi :A capacitive touchscreen panel consists of an insulator such as glass.

● Out of the box Jelly bean 4.1 Operating System and bundled with new features like Multi Window.

● Galaxy Grand has an Internal Memory of 8GB with 4GB as usable part and one can expand it to 64GB with an External memory card.

● 8 Mega px Rear Camera with Zero Shutter Lag and tự động focus. 2 Mega pixel camera is supported at the front side of the device. To know the latest price và offers on quartetpress.com Galaxy Grand from our eStore, click on


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