This docuseries examines the decades-old murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik & its suspected links lớn a priest accused of abuse.

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Two former students launch a dogged investigation inlớn the cold case of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a nun who was slain in Baltimore in 1969.


Now grown, survivors describe sexual abuse at the hands of a predatory priest & how his actions may have sầu led to Sister Catherine's murder.

In 1992, one survivor finds the strength lớn face the abuse she suffered và khổng lồ discchiến bại an appalling threat that frightened her inlớn silence.

In 1994, two former students tệp tin charges against the accused priest, but they face intimidation and powerful resistance from their archdiocese.

A tip line yields compelling stories that point the group's investigation to two more men who might have sầu been involved in Sister Catherine's murder.

As Catherine's younger sister joins the cause, the group tries lớn get straight answers from authorities and additional potential suspects.

As survivors & victims' families seek closure, they face frustrating law enforcement bureaucracy và a legislative fight with their archdiocese.

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