In these forums farmers routinely recanted, switching from pro to anti and back again, and charges of fraud were commonplace.

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I guess this makes these other major scholars and publications also guilty of "fraud" and other related sins by daring to publish such thoughts!
All but deserted by his former political supporters, he currently faces serious fraud and tax evasion charges alongside human rightsrelated allegations.
The largescale fraud, corruption and practices of intimidation which accompany this manoeuvring are contrary to the legal code of public conduct.
One can hide behind anonymity to commit online fraud or spread disinformation and hate mail among other things.
They all sought to improve the distributive incidence of taxes, expand the tax base, reduce fiscal fraud, and support the efficiency of the tax administration.
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(in stories) a world that exists in addition to, and is like, the world that we know, but that is also different from it in important ways

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