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Japanese trò chơi shows: A Complete Guide

I dont know about you, but british (and I’m sure American) game shows can sometimes get just a little too repetitive.Yes I know, you’re all better at answering general knowledge questions than I am, well done!Oh you’ve sầu picked a box & won some money! Thrilling television!Today though, I want khổng lồ divert your attention khổng lồ by far the craziest, wackiest and weirdest gameshows in the entire world.Japanese trò chơi Shows of course!

Brief history of Japanese game shows

The first Japanese trò chơi showed up in around 1950, và all things considered it was pretty tame by today’s standards.It was called ‘Gesture’ & was literally just a televised version of charades.No crazy stunts or lubricated stairs in sight, just a simple game of Japanese charades.It probably wasnt until another 36-40 years until the ‘Weird’ game shows in Japan started to lớn become more frequent và popular.And what gameshow led the way? Takeshi’s Castle. More on that one later!

Why are Japanese gameshows so weird?

As you’ll learn from this menu, Japanese gameshows are certainly a far cry from programs like who wants khổng lồ be a millionaire.But are they really as weird as they get credit for?Western media loves anything a bit different, & that’s exactly what these shows are. But don’t get the impression that everything on Japanese TV is like this so everyone in Japan must think this is normal.A lot of these ‘Gameshows’ are just small segments from variety shows designed lớn be outrageous và a little weird.So keep in mind that shows on this danh mục you’re about lớn see aren’t an everyday occurrence và are designed to lớn be crazy. They aren’t designed lớn be ‘normal shows’ that everyone else think all Japanese people must all like.Here are a couple of things I need khổng lồ clear up before we get started:

What are punishment games?

Featured on a lot of the variety shows, ‘Batsu games’ are punishments that a loser must accept following a lost bet or competition.They often happen relatively infrequently but are most definitely the videos that get shared around most on social truyền thông.

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They might not be gameshows:

Remember that most of the videos you’ve sầu seen before about crazy Japanese gameshows are probably just small sections or segments of a variety show meaning the chances of more footage being available is low.

It’s not about your brain:

In some Japanese gameshows it’s probably neccesary to use your brain, like on ‘ Dasshutsu Game DERO!’, but on the whole physical elements play a far larger part in a Japanese gameshow’s makeup than mental.

Helpful resources

I’m confident enough khổng lồ write this article on Japanese gameshows as I’m sure I know more than someone who happens upon a video from one of the shows. If however, you want to lớn know more information about any of the titles on this list the people of the Japanese Game Show subreddit are who you should ask.

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1. Slippery Stairs

Actual name: Nuru Nuru Treasure HunterVariety Show: All-Star Thanksgiving
Is this slippery stairs or return of the nguồn Rangers? (Screenshot of YouTube đoạn phim below.)First on the danh sách of weirdest Japanese game shows we have ‘Slippery stairs’.Slippery stairs, or as it’s actually called ‘Nuru Nuru Treasure Hunter’ went viral a few years ago when a clip from the show was posted on YouTube from an unknown source. Fast forward 5 years & it’s on pretty much every social media platkhung & every top ten các mục, including this one!Before we dive into what makes this game so hilariously perfect, lets clear up a few misconceptions. The Japanese game show called ‘Slippery stairs’ by westerners isn’t actually a trò chơi at all. In fact, it’s a minigame on a bi-annual variety show called ‘All star thanksgiving’. And it’s name ‘Slippery stairs’ isn’t actually it’s true name. I would hazard a guess that it’s fake name took off because it’s easy to lớn remember & works in the mind of a non Japanese speaker.It’s real name is ‘Nuru Nuru Treasure Hunter’.Quiông xã Japanese Vocab Lesson:ぬるぬる (nuru nuru) : Slimy / slipperyBut for the google gods, I’ll be referring lớn it as the stair game as I doubt many people type in Nuru Nuru Treasure Hunter game!

What is the goal of Slippery Stairs?

Everything you need to lớn know about slippery stairs is in the title.Contestants make their way up the slippery & slimy stairs attempting lớn retrieve the treasure at the top.There is absolutely nothing to grab onkhổng lồ, no friction, and a high possibility of injury. Hence the protective sầu clothing!The đoạn Clip at the bottom shows it takes around 10 minutes for a victor to lớn be crowned, và unsurprisingly they look absolutely shattered!

What are the stairs made of?

I’ve read some suggestions that the stairs are made of ice, but that’s simply not true. After a fair bit of retìm kiếm I’ve discovered it’s possible the stairs are coated with Propylene Glycol which makes them almost impossible to lớn climb up, much lớn the pleasure of viewers.

Where can I watch the slippery stairs gameshow?

As the slippery stairs minigame is part of a bi-annual variety show, it’s unlikely you’ll get to watch this live sầu unless you live sầu in Japan.If you bởi vì live sầu in Japan or have sầu access khổng lồ the Tokyo Broadcasting System (The channel all star variety show is on) then be sure to lớn tune in some time in April & October. Exact dates within the months where the variety show is on are announced nearer to the time.

Can’t get TBS or want to lớn watch slippery stairs online?