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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 1: Summer Break! Off lớn the Underworld!

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 2: Young Devils Gather!

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Demoncorpse4800:1/HighSchool-DxD-Born-Season-3-ep-2--Young-Devils-Gather!:d High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 3: Cat & Dragon!

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 4: Interception, Commence!

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 5: The Last Day of Summer Break!

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 6: Second Trimester has Started!

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 7: The Night Before Battle!

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 8: We Will Save Aisa!

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 9: Dragon of Dragon

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 10:The Occult Club Disappears?!

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 11: I Will Fight!

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High School DxD BORN S3 Ep 12: Any Time, For All Time!

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High School DxD BORN S3 OVA Ep 13:The Unresurrected Phoenix

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HighSchool DxD Born S3 all special Ep

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