The game for Big Kids

If you’re into gaming & enjoy drum and bass (the usual music set played here), this place is tailor-made for you

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Galeria Kaufhof Frankfurt An der Hauptwache

An impressive four-storey glass gallery with exclusive brands và a polite staff, this is where you go to lớn for some superior shopping. Some of the brands found here are Yves Saint Laurent, Longcha... More


Naga village bans single-use plastic in an incredible move

A village in Nagaland is helping the cause of saving the environment with single-use plastic ban. The Naga village plastic ban is a community-based initiative và has already implemented the ban ... More


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Travel job alert – an Australian millionaire is looking for an assistant khổng lồ travel the world

Travel jobs are not easy to come by, but here we are with a brilliant opportunity. An Aussie millionaire by the name of Matthew Lepre is accepting applications for the position of an assistant.


Unlock 5.0: International air travel to remain suspended till October 31

As per the new guidelines issued under Unlock 5.0, the Union trang chủ Ministry announced that international air travel will remain suspended till October 31, except those that are being permitted by ... More


Ban Phanom

Located in the outskirts of Luang Prabang, the village of Ban Phanom is known for traditional textile weaving practises. The villagers used lớn supply the silks lớn the royals in their hey days, no... More

A 50-year-old letter in bottle travelled lớn an Alaskan beach!

​​Recently, in a surprising turn of events, a man was shocked lớn discover a 50-year-old letter in a bottle on the shores of western Alaska. Supposedly, the letter belongs lớn someone from the Russ... More

This is how you can get an e-pass during lockdown in India

For those, who have lớn venture out of their homes for medical & other critical reasons, having a mandatory e-pass is a requisite. An e-pass is a handy legal approval to lớn allow people freedom lớn ... More

Heading off an Ibiza hangover

The southernmost Balearic Island, Formentera is the laidback neighbour. A half-hour ferry away from Ibiza, it"s where you go when you need a break from your break

Visit Dusseldorf"s Cali Dreams Museum to up your Instagram game

If you are into selfies or are craving for self-shots for your social truyền thông media channels, it is time lớn pack your bags for Dusseldorf, Germany. The thành phố saw Germany’s first Instagram museum, which ha... More



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