Accessing Facebook from Windows doesn"t necessarily mean using a browser lượt thích Chrome or Firefox. You can use the social network from its desktop app


If there"s a social network par excellence, that"s definitely the one created by Mark Zuckerberg around 2004 và initially conceived for Harvard University students. More than 10 years after, Facebook has become the most popular social network in the world, way ahead of any other one, with more than 1.7 billion users và expecting khổng lồ reach 2 billion in a short period of time.

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What is this increasing popularity due to? Maybe due lớn being a great way of staying in cảm ứng with friends that we don"t usually get khổng lồ see in real life, maybe because it"s the best way to keep up with the latest news in the world, maybe because it"s a window khổng lồ the internet where we can entertain ourselves with viral videos and content, maybe due khổng lồ its addictive games of the likes of Candy Crush or Farmville that were later launched as mobile apps or maybe just because it"s the easiest way to lớn snoop on anyone else"s life without them realizing. We don"t really know, but it"s a true phenomenon that continues lớn grow.

The only official FB client for Windows.

Although we usually connect to lớn the social network developed at Menlo Park from an apk or game ios application, mainly due khổng lồ the possibility lớn be online 24 hours a day & the immediacy khổng lồ upload photos and live videos and tag friends as things happen, loads of people still login from their Windows PC. Và despite the fact that many of them still vì so from the web version accessible from a browser, you should know that there"s an official desktop client from Microsoft"s operating system that turns out to be more comfortable và easier to use.

How to lớn download, install & update Facebook on a PC?

The desktop client of this social network is offered straight from the Windows Store for Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 (unfortunately, it"s not available for Windows 7). To tải về it, simply press our Download button, wait for it to tải về to your PC, and run the APPX file. It might take some time, depending on the speed of your connection as it weighs just over 160 MB, but you"ll soon be able lớn install the app và start exploring your timeline from your computer.

Accessible directly from Windows Store.

Once installed, just log in with your usual credentials & start using Facebook from a much more modern interface than the web version, but without mission any functions. If you think you"re using an outdated version, just go to the store and from the Downloads tab, click on the search Updates button. You"ll soon see if you need to download a new version.

Main functions and features of Facebook for Windows PC

As we"ve already said, you won"t miss any of the aspects of the web or smartphone versions with this desktop application, as it comes along with all the functions that have turned it into the best social network in the world.

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Update your status: upload photos, vídeos, record live videos, register visits, tag friends or just say how you"re feeling.Explore the latest news on your profile: bình luận on publications by your contacts và react khổng lồ their photos and updates.Access all your notifications about contacts & publications in which you"ve been mentioned.Add new contacts, tìm kiếm for people you might know và accept or reject friendship requests.Chat with your mates from the same interface provided that you"ve got Messenger installed on your computer.Check your calendar of upcoming events to lớn see all your invitations & know whose birthday will be soon.Access your own profile & modify your information, bio, cover photo or profile picture.Organize your photos by albums & explore the collections of your contacts.Configure the application lớn protect your privacy và security and set who can view your photos và publications.Save interesting publications lớn read them later with more time.Access và configure native Facebook applications, just like games and other interesting tools.Download emoticon packs khổng lồ provide your publications with more expressiveness.Access all your groups, whether public or private.

Updates in the latest version

Speed và reliability tweaks.