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(We first tested the Samsung Gear s2 in November 2015 when it launched. Recently, we"ve spent more time with the device và added our thoughts on how it holds up và compares khổng lồ newer devices.)

When it comes to lớn Samsung smartwatches, our Gear S2 review breaks new ground. Never before have we been able khổng lồ describe a Samsung smartwatch as desirable, intuitive or – most importantly of all – compatible.

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quartetpress.com verdict: Samsung Galaxy Watch review

With its Swatch-like looks and ability khổng lồ play nicely with rival game android smartphones, Samsung has performed a spectacular U-turn. The result is a bold wearable that gets as much right as its predecessors got wrong. Read on to find out why Samsung is back in the game.

Samsung Gear S2: Design

It"s impressive how many bases Samsung has covered in just two designs: the standard Gear S2 và the upscaled Gear S2 Classic. It should be noted that the stainless steel & plastic editions look like watches và feel well made – & if you"ve ever worn a previous Samsung smartwatch, you"ll know that is big news.


If we"d had a choice of which Gear S2 kiến thiết we prefer, we"d have to lớn pick the Classic. The ridged bezel, leather strap và smaller body toàn thân combine for a premium feel, và it can be easily fitted with third tiệc nhỏ straps. & both are now the same price after receiving cuts due khổng lồ the arrival of the Gear S3.

One chú ý to mention, though, is that we haven"t had a chance to thử nghiệm the Gear S2 with 3G và GPS – the obvious choice khổng lồ compare khổng lồ the Sony SmartWatch 3 or moto 360 sport if you want a cheaper smartwatch for everyday use, as well as running or training.

With two different designs & a bunch of different straps, there"s some choice of style in the Samsung Gear S2 line-up, though it can"t rival the likes of táo for personalisation options. While the Gear S2 Classic, with its leather strap, looks more in line with a Fossil watch, the plastic strapped Gear S2 has more in common with a Swatch. This is key for a couple of reasons. First, the Samsung Gear S2 doesn"t try too hard. With its pre-loaded watch faces it looks fun and off-the-wall. It"s not trying to be as classy as an Omega or as blingy as a Michael Kors. It has a confident style & it translates well.

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One of our only criticisms here is that the 11.4mm thick S2 is still quite chunky and sits quite high on the đứng đầu of your wrist. This is similar to lớn the second ren Motorola & if there"s one guarantee about the next generation of devices it"s that they will be slimmer, but right now smartwatches are still chunky. The Classic will work for women but it wouldn"t be our first recommendation. Still, one thing is for sure – we are so far away from the first Gear watch. This is a polished, unisex, circular smartwatch that no one will be ashamed of wearing.

Samsung Gear S2: That rotating bezel


The Gear S2"s rotating bezel is far & away our favourite thing about the piece. Rather than try to disappear the bezel altogether like Motorola or primp it up to lớn look lượt thích a traditional wristwatch lượt thích LG, Samsung has transformed it into a satisfying, addictive & most importantly, intuitive way of interacting with the smartwatch.

When you move your hand khổng lồ hover over the watch on your wrist it"s the exact place your fingers land, even when you aren"t looking down yet, và thanks to some clever UI design in its Tizen OS – more on that later – you can switch between apps, cycle back to lớn notifications, change volume & brightness all in the same smooth motion.

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In short, it"s genius and we"re still yet lớn see any rivals take advantage of the same feature, despite android Wear 2.0 possessing the power lớn make this happen.

It"s faster than Apple"s Digital Crown on the Watch and the touchscreen prods và gestures of game android Wear. You can control everything with your finger on the right half of the bezel (if you"re right handed) which means you will always be able lớn see the whole display.


The bezel"s closest rival here is actually a little known Chinese watch, designed by Frog design, called the Ticwatch which has a capacitive strip on the outer edge.

There are also two buttons on the right-hand edge of the round watch body: "back" at two o"clock & "home" at four o"clock. The first of these is in the perfect position, the second can be a bit annoying khổng lồ shift your hand around lớn press. You can set a double tap of the home button lớn launch an app, such as the music player or maps, which is handy, though unlike say, a Pebble, in order to select an phầm mềm or setting it"s back to lớn prodding the touchscreen.

Samsung Gear S2: Screen


With so much love for the rotating bezel you might forget khổng lồ pay proper attention khổng lồ the bright, vivid and sharp 1.2-inch Super AMOLED screen. It"s smaller than some smartwatch screens và set into the watch so it doesn"t look quite as modern as the xe máy 360 2. But this just increases its retro/classic charm.

At 360 x 360 pixels, the Gear S2"s screen has an impressive pixel density of 302ppi, which means you can choose to lớn set the phông very small & see more messages or notifications on one screen as you scroll through them. It"s as pin-sharp as the smaller hãng apple Watch và it shows. & unsurprisingly for a Samsung product, it can go very bright – probably too bright, though, as most days we settled for a low, easily readable setting.

Samsung Gear S2: Tizen


Tizen has always been a gamble for Samsung but this time it has paid off. Unlike all the apk Wear watches from Huawei & LG và Motorola which benefit from recent updates but can"t really move the category on, the Gear S2 is doing its own thing. And its thing is a damn well easy to lớn use smartwatch OS. As easy khổng lồ use, in fact, as our beloved Pebble OS.

The trang chủ screen is the watch face screen & you simply rotate left one click for recent notifications. Rotate right to lớn get to lớn a screen with an apps icon, settings, buddies (for quick messages) and S Voice. Keep rotating right & you can get easily glanceable information – weather, S Health progress, heart rate & information from third tiệc nhỏ apps. Choose the apps menu instead & Tizen makes the most of the circular screen và bezel with round ứng dụng icons around the edge of the display to cycle through. Keep going with the bezel & it simply takes you to lớn the next screen of apps. It is much quicker than zooming in & out with a Digital Crown.