It"s Halloween season, the best time of the year. And with Halloween season comes the unquenchable thirst for all the "Halloween" movies, even the really bad ones. There"s even a brand-new entry – "Halloween Kills" – on the way this month. So if you"re hankering for some trick, treats, and/or Paul Rudds, I"ve sầu gone ahead & put together a menu that reveals exactly where you can stream or rent every single "Halloween" movie, including the upcoming "Halloween Kills." Happy Halloween, folks!

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The film that started it all. John Carpenter"s horror classic remains just as good today as it was in 1978. A lean, mean, groundbreaking machine that helped influence horror movies for decades lớn come. Michael Myers, the personification of evil, stalks the hapless residents of Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween night. No one is safe, especially horny babysitters wearing bell bottoms. I personally think almost all of the "Halloween" movies have sầu their charms, but none of them come cthảm bại khổng lồ capturing the magic of this original. 

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"Halloween II" picks up immediately after "Halloween," và has Michael Myers headed lớn the hospital khổng lồ finish off Laurie Strode. But first, he has to lớn bump off a bunch of nurses and orderlies who are all hanging out in the most underused hospital you"ll ever see. It genuinely feels like the place is abandoned, even though it"s supposed to lớn be fully operational. This sequel also makes the first of several franchise mistakes by trying lớn explain Michael"s motivation – Laurie is his sister! What a (bad) twist! 

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"Halloween III: Season of the Witch" is a glimpse at what could have been. Producers John Carpenter and Debra Hill imagined taking "Halloween" in a new direction, turning it into lớn an anthology series with a different story each time. It"s a great idea, & "Halloween III" is a ton of fun. Unfortunately, the general public didn"t see it that way at the time – they just wanted more Michael Myers. And they eventually got what they wanted. 

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The title says it all – "The Return of Michael Myers." Michael is baông xã, & now he"s after another family thành viên – his niece, Jamie. While the "Michael targets his family" idea continues to lớn be ill-advised, "Halloween 4" has plenty to love sầu. It also has an incredibly dark, twisted ending that the producers immediately chickened out of to make the next movie. Bonus: the opening credits to lớn this film, which show various autumnal locations as the sun sets, is pretty damn great. 

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After the promising "Halloween 4," "Halloween 5" decides to lớn squander things and become a rather generic sequel. It also ends with a truly weird twist involving a man dressed all in blaông chồng. Who is it? Johnny Cash? A Blues Brother? The Undertaker? And who cares, really? Not me. 

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AKA the "Halloween" movie with Paul Rudd. In this notoriously chopped-up sequel, we learn about an evil cult that"s been controlling Michael Myers all this time. Or something. It"s not very good! But, lượt thích all "Halloween" movies, it has its defenders. 

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When "Scream" revived the slasher movie in the 1990s, it seemed like a no-brainer to apply that formula lớn "Halloween." The kết thúc result was "Halloween H20," which, despite its title, is not about water. Instead, we learn that Laurie Strode faked her death và has been living a secret life for years to lớn protect herself, and her son, from Michael Myers. Of course, Michael finds out where she is và comes calling. And then he finally dies, for good!

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Just kidding! Michael Myers is still alive sầu, và after seemingly killing Laurie in a truly goofy opening scene, he goes off to lớn murder a bunch of annoying youths starring in a reality TV show mix in the Myers house. This is probably the worst sequel of the series, and that"s really saying something. But I"m sure there"s someone out there who loves this entry. Maybe. Maybe not. 

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Rob Zombie took "Halloween" and said, "What if I remade this, but everyone in the movie is an abrasive redneck?" I think Mr. Zombie is a great visual filmmaker, but he"s very bad at storytelling, và that shows here. To be fair, it feels like Zombie"s first take on "Halloween" was limited by how closely it had lớn stiông chồng to lớn the original film. Which it does, for the most part, although it also throws in a pointless backstory that reveals Michael grew up in a broken home. This seems to lớn be a fundamental misunderstanding of Michael Myers – a character who was revealed lớn be pure evil by birth, not because of influencing factors. 

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Free of having to recreate the original movie again, Rob Zombie has a bit more fun with "Halloween II." It"s still not a good movie, but it at least has a vibe và personality all of its own, as things get extremely weird, Michael Myers grows a beard, and strange dream sequences run rampant. 

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In 2018, David Gordon Green revived "Halloween" with a premise that asked, "What if all the other "Halloween" sequels never happened?" Laurie Strode is baông xã again, but she has no knowledge of any of the other films after the first "Halloween," because they don"t exist in this timeline. Instead, Laurie has become a survivadanh sách who has alienated her daughter and granddaughter with her unstable ways. But as it turns out, she was right khổng lồ be worried, because Michael Myers busts out of the asylum và starts killing all over again. 

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The newest "Halloween" movie continues the story from the previous film, picking up immediately after the 2018 "Halloween" ended. Once again, Laurie Strode has lớn giảm giá with Michael Myers. And this won"t be the last time, either. A third film – "Halloween Ends" – has already been given the greenlight, và is expected to lớn open on October 14, 2022.